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Adfuel Media Inc - Save-A-Buck App


AdFuel Media Inc., a Chamber member, is providing every Chamber member with our Save-A-Buck mobile app (or it's sister mobile app, Flavours, if you are a restaurant, winery, brewery, food purveyor etc.) to make it easier (and more likely) for tourists and locals to do business with you.
AdFuel has led the way for the past 18 years in enabling local businesses to engage profitably with the 14 million + annual visitors to Niagara Region as well as with a thriving local community.They want to provide all Chamber Members with the same advantages.
When tourists arrive in your area, it is desirable that they spend as much money as possible with local businesses while they are here. And it's equally important for locals to be able to easily identify, access and visit the right businesses to meet their needs.
The app provides these potential clients a comprehensive mobile guide in the palm their hands. It increases awareness of your business and works effectively to drive more revenue for you.
The App - A Few Facts
Although the app is called Save-A-Buck. There is no requirement to discount the products or services of a listed business. The name references the fact that users will be able to find the appropriate business for their requirement with a minimum of hassle, thus saving them time and money. Restaurants and other food & wine-related businesses will be provided with a similar app called Flavours.
The apps provide several key advantages to facilitate spending locally:
  • To accelerate wide-spread use of the app by visitors and locals in Brockville, it will be publicized as follows:
    • AdFuel Media will use its AdFuel Location-Based Digital Advertising to hyper-target key areas in Brockville with information on the app and how to access and download it to their mobile devices
    • AdFuel Media will publicize the app's availability in Brockville on its own website
    • Both the Brockville Chamber and Brockville Tourism will publicize the app on their websites along with information on how to download it (from Apple or Android sites)
  • 14 million tourists visit Niagara Region annually. These visitors frequently travel to other tourism areas within Ontario. Members' listings will be visible to this large and affluent audience.
  • All listings for an entire city or region can be downloaded to end-users' mobile devices to avoid roaming charges.
  • Information is presented in a consistent format, increasing utility to end-users since they can easily find information on any listing.
  • Business owners can update their own information 24/7, to ensure current data is being displayed. You totally control your own listing.
Update: July 9, 2019
ADFUEL MEDIA INC., one of our members, has added a significant new feature, Geofencing, to their Save-A-Buck business listing app, which increases the value for each Chamber Member to $1,476.00. The app will still be free of charge to all Chamber members.
Geofencing will automatically send any offer you create on the app to anyone passing by your premises who has their cellphone switched on. You have complete control over your own offers.
Usernames and passwords will be distributed to all Chamber Members on Monday, July 15 and Tuesday, July 16, along with an easy-to-follow Users' Guide so each member can customize their own listing specific to their business. We will also provide you with a contact for any questions you may have.
The total value to Chamber Members is approximately $470,000.00.
We would request that Members try to complete their listing updates within two weeks of receipt of their usernames and passwords, as we will begin publicizing the app to end-users at that time. These prospective clients will be much more likely to do business with your company if your listings are up-to-date with accurate information.


For more information contact Dave at   David@AdFuelMediaInc.com

Click to see the Features and Benefits of the Save-A-Buck App


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